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Irish Company Restoration Services

Thomond Company can assist you with the re-instatement of your company if it has been struck-off the register.




Company Struck-Off less than a year

Where a company has been struck-off for less than 12 months, Thomond Company can draft and prepare the necessary documents in order to restore the company to the register. The documents filed will depend on whether the company is a CRO Strike-Off or a Revenue Strike-Off. In order to make this application, all outstanding annual returns must be filed together with the financial statements which are required to be annexed to same pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. These financial statements must relate to an individual financial year and may not be amalgamated with the accounts for another financial year or years. Late filing fees to the CRO must also be paid. Thomond Company can assist with the preparation of returns and non-trading accounts if you require us to. Do trading accounts need to be prepared?

Thomond Company Fee €275
VAT @23% €63.25
CRO Filing Fee (form H1 or H1R) €300
TOTAL €638.25



High Court Company Restoration (Dissolved More than 1 year & less than 20 years)


This service will include:

  • Drafting the affidavit to be signed and sworn by the application.
  • Obtain a letter of no objection from the Companies Registration Office, Revenue Commissioners and the Chief State Solicitors Office.
  • Petition the High Court for a court date.
  • Engage a barrister to present the application to the High Court.
  • File the Court Order within 28 days at the CRO.


For an indicative quote to have a company restored through the High Court, simply contact us at or +353 61 411000

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